Beyond ophthalmology: AKB-4924 for the treatment of IBD

AKB-4924 is a prolyl-hydroxylase (PHD) inhibitor. Inhibition of PHD enzymes stabilizes hypoxia inducible factor (HIF) transcription. HIFs are a family of transcription factors that modulates the body’s response to stress.

AKB-4924 selectively stabilizes HIF-1 alpha, which plays a key protective role in the intestinal wall. In preclinical models of inflammatory bowel disease, AKB-4924 promotes both resolution of intestinal inflammation and restoration of intestinal epithelial barrier function. AKB-4924 is being developed as a once-daily, oral treatment of inflammatory bowel disease. Aerpio has completed a first in human single ascending dose study in healthy volunteers under a Clinical Trial Application (CTA) in Canada.

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